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38/2017: Titles

I can never think of titles
maybe because my words are too
used to running untamed
without definition and ownership.

Or maybe I hate titles,
because they ask me to think
about what I am trying to say,
instead of what you tell me
I am speaking about?

But then again, maybe I only
hate titles, because they signify
the end of the poem and the
beginning of trying to classify it.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Image from Pixabay – Artist: Life-Of-Pix
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Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem

If writing is a skill, I fear I have lost it.
The words don’t dance in my head anymore,
Instead, they remain silenced by the walls I build to keep them safe
How was I to know that in protecting my heart, my joys
I locked them so far away that I can’t reach them.

The memories taunt me.
Words so bright, so alive, they sang with the colours of life.
Moments so pure, that when I looked in the Ocean of words,
My true reflection stared back- scars and laugh lines mapping my life

Now that face is lost behind so may layers of fear and doubts,
Drowned so deep, in this shadow of a life,
A specter of the whole,
Too afraid to live, to be honest, to cause ripples.
To speak the truth of who I am…

These words uttered in desperation, lost and singular
Hanging between one breath and the next
Layers and layers of meanings, of needs, of wants
Hidden in simplistic denotations of a virtual whole,
Words laid bare for the world to see.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: A repost of a poem from another site, my online portfolio page ( Below is the orginal write up I had with it. 

This poem is a draft that just came up, as I was trying to write a blog post for today. I have been putting so much importance on writing for the blog, that I have forgotten how to write. I used to write everyday and now the thought of writing scares me. In my head and heart, I fear that I am not good enough – which is really frustrating because I do not write to be good but write because it heals and because I love it.

I never realized how hard it is to rebuild a relationship after you break it…….

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News – My Trending Stories

Excited to share some great news. I will be one of the contributors for my trending stories, a new media web page.

I just posted my first article on the site, one of my favourite poems from the challenge. You can follow me here

I will be sharing some of my poems, and articles on this page. I am excited and looking forward to the next step in my journey.



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Random Thoughts

When I write, I just record the conversations I have in my head. Luckily, no one has realized I am actually just crazy.


So the idea of this was inspired by Kent Wayne’s Musings on Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. I have never known what to do with the random thoughts that chase themselves in my head. Reading ‘Musings’ always gives me ah-ha “moments.” 

Inspired – I decided to share my random thoughts here as well.  I definitely can’t  promise they will be as inspiring or insightful as ‘Musings’, though I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. 

I always appreciate your love, support, and inspiration.

Thank you!