Announcement: Something Different by Scarborough Arts

I am very proud to share some exciting news.  This year three of my poems have been chosen to appear in Scarborough Arts Juried Exhibition and book – The Big Art Book: Something Different.

Scarborough Art’s theme for the Big Book this year really spoke to me; “Something Different” is about celebrating what makes each creator different and unique. Through this theme the acknowledge the unique worldview of every artist and the ways in whichangmmngcimhnjlbo this creates and sparks dialogue.

I will admit finding the poems that reflected what made me unique as an artist was the hardest thing I had ever done (especially within the word count limits). In the end, I settled on 3 poems that spoke to the core of who I am; what I grew up believing in; what inspired me; and where I struggle with my craft.

I was very blessed to have all three poems chosen for publication.

To my sisters” – One of the first poems that I wrote when I began my 2016 challenge. It was my way to thank the many wonderful women in my life – from my mom; sister; aunts; mom’s best friends; my best friends; cousins; and so on. Women who taught me what it means to be strong, gentle, kind, brave, smart, beautiful and loving. Women who taught me how to walk in the rain and sun.

Titles” – A more recent poem, Titles has always been my creative frustration. I admit that I loved academia because the title of your paper was just a combination of the words that made you sound the smartest (partially kidding). In honesty, writing a title is my final act of creating a poem, and thus it has always been my least favourite activity. I am never to end a poem nor let it go into the world.

Strong Women in Summer Storms” – I think — no– I know I was feeling romantic that day. I looked at the people I knew- the women, whose very nature transforms everything around them and I felt such gratitude for women who don’t heed the way that things were always done. For women, who love even when the world and media tells them that they are not enough. I looked at the men, the causes, the people that these women loved and how much life they gave, and it reminded me of summer storms. Full of passion and wildness – and I went huh, that’s all the women I know, even the ones who make you believe they are quiet.

Manivillie+&+ThiviyaaSpeaking of powerful and inspiring women –  I am so proud and excited to say not only did the phenomenal Thiviyaa Seha, the artist behind Art by Thiviyaa,  also have all 3 of her submissions chosen BUT her work was chosen to be displayed as Juror’s Choice display. I am so proud and moved to see the work of this masterful artist getting the recognition she deserves.

There are very few places that we get to celebrate and share exhibits. Scarborough Arts Big Art Book gives me the chance to share a creative legacy with someone I truly love and admire. For that opportunity, Scarborough Arts and the Big Art Book will always have a special place in my heart.

Here is a sneak peak of Thiviyaa’s breathtaking work – definitely come check it out in person.

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The opening reception is free and open to everyone. Please RSVP using the link below.

WHAT: Something Different Opening Reception
WHEN: Saturday, December 2, 2017, from 1-4 PM
WHERE: Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, 225 Confederation Drive
Facebook Event Page:

For more information, contact 416-698-7322 or


AN: apologies for the earlier post – you stop blogging for a while and forget how to do everything.


38/2017: Titles

I can never think of titles
maybe because my words are too
used to running untamed
without definition and ownership.

Or maybe I hate titles,
because they ask me to think
about what I am trying to say,
instead of what you tell me
I am speaking about?

But then again, maybe I only
hate titles, because they signify
the end of the poem and the
beginning of trying to classify it.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


Image from Pixabay – Artist: Life-Of-Pix

Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem

If writing is a skill, I fear I have lost it.
The words don’t dance in my head anymore,
Instead, they remain silenced by the walls I build to keep them safe
How was I to know that in protecting my heart, my joys
I locked them so far away that I can’t reach them.

The memories taunt me.
Words so bright, so alive, they sang with the colours of life.
Moments so pure, that when I looked in the Ocean of words,
My true reflection stared back- scars and laugh lines mapping my life

Now that face is lost behind so may layers of fear and doubts,
Drowned so deep, in this shadow of a life,
A specter of the whole,
Too afraid to live, to be honest, to cause ripples.
To speak the truth of who I am…

These words uttered in desperation, lost and singular
Hanging between one breath and the next
Layers and layers of meanings, of needs, of wants
Hidden in simplistic denotations of a virtual whole,
Words laid bare for the world to see.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: A repost of a poem from another site, my online portfolio page ( Below is the orginal write up I had with it. 

This poem is a draft that just came up, as I was trying to write a blog post for today. I have been putting so much importance on writing for the blog, that I have forgotten how to write. I used to write everyday and now the thought of writing scares me. In my head and heart, I fear that I am not good enough – which is really frustrating because I do not write to be good but write because it heals and because I love it.

I never realized how hard it is to rebuild a relationship after you break it…….

News – My Trending Stories

Excited to share some great news. I will be one of the contributors for my trending stories, a new media web page.

I just posted my first article on the site, one of my favourite poems from the challenge. You can follow me here

I will be sharing some of my poems, and articles on this page. I am excited and looking forward to the next step in my journey.



Day 237: Ocean

The beauty of ocean does not lie in the calmness of the sea.
It is in the storms that brew above, creating waves
the current below moving to the beat of its heart.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Inspired by one of my favourite Rumi quote. 



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