Hands writing on a bullet journal, coffee cup in upper right hand. Pens on table. Pen used to write with is floral.
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Addressing Writer’s Block

I hate the sense of panic that arises when I feel the words running dry, as if it were water bleeding from my pen; cut-off from its reservoir of creativity. Or those moments that seem infinitely worse, when my lips can taste the words dancing away from the tip of my tongue. There is nothing… Continue reading Addressing Writer’s Block

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Day 74: Writer’s Block

Feelings hard to express And thoughts harder to write. My heart is surrounded By ice once more. As I gaze on you, My mind goes blank. I feel so alone, Yet surrounded by noise. I struggle to write, As these words haltingly come... I feel... © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poem

Day 59: Fog

Words lay in the still below Floating between my lips And the icy barrier​ of my mind. Hammering fists of frustration, To create a crack, Seeking passage​ into sealed imaginations. These characters are mine, In this world of flying impossibilities, And captured pain and healing. Yet now all I do is float, Shrouded​ by fog… Continue reading Day 59: Fog