47/2017: When the Mind Stalls but the Heart Wonders…

A choice to be made, options no longer delayed, for as resistance fades, the heart shall embrace, the path in which you reside. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

38/2017: Titles

I can never think of titles maybe because my words are too used to running untamed without definition and ownership. Or maybe I hate titles, because they ask me to think about what I am trying to say, instead of what you tell me I am speaking about? But then again, maybe I only hate… Continue reading 38/2017: Titles

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

When I write, I just record the conversations I have in my head. Luckily, no one has realized I am actually just crazy. AN: A BIT OF AN INTRO- So the idea of this was inspired by Kent Wayne's Musings on Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha. I have never known what to do with the random thoughts that… Continue reading Random Thoughts