Free verse

Day 191: Mother’s Tongue

A language I do not know For the love you have is empty spaces So I cannot hear empty words.

Free verse

Day 188: Writer’s Block (2)

blank pages look at me accusingly, demanding one word, a start to capture and make sense of the chaos in my head. Create a reality, a sequence to the random thoughts that fight for dominance. A way to create order with the fragments that float around. To be satisfied with what is born, sacrifice the… Continue reading Day 188: Writer’s Block (2)


Day 170: Blogging

I started this journey, unsure of what I would find, Unbeknownst to me, it unlocked my mind. Through the keyboard, I met kindred souls, Who had stories to tell and shared the same goal. Through this encouragement, I tried different voices Finding meaning through various word choices. So thank you for challenging me to start,… Continue reading Day 170: Blogging

Free verse

Day 127: Speak

Don't be afraid to give light to the noise hiding in the shadows of your mind. It is in that hidden grey space that my heart hears yours, and your voice rings true. So please don't trust me with your silence, instead, besiege me with your words. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Shape Poem

Day 8: The Words

** Today's poem was an attempt at shape poems. Just in case you find it hard to flip your computer around 😬 😊. Here it is in standard form: The power of words Lie not only in their meaning But the curves give by the pen Moved by the writer's soul. In each stroke Lies the wishes,… Continue reading Day 8: The Words