Event Announcement: Nuit Blanche 2018

Nuit Blanche is a big deal in Toronto. It is perhaps the most significant art show our city has. But what makes it so unique, is that it’s free! Every exhibit and every show are accessible to the public, including young people like me, who didn't necessarily grow up surrounded by art as a form… Continue reading Event Announcement: Nuit Blanche 2018

Free verse

38/2017: Titles

I can never think of titles maybe because my words are too used to running untamed without definition and ownership. Or maybe I hate titles, because they ask me to think about what I am trying to say, instead of what you tell me I am speaking about? But then again, maybe I only hate… Continue reading 38/2017: Titles

Free verse, Poem

36/2017: Worlds of Words

There are so many beautiful words in the world, but you only give me the ones that show your ugly fear. There are so many powerful words in the world, but you only speak the ones that show your weakness. There are so many kind words in the world, but you only allow the ones… Continue reading 36/2017: Worlds of Words

Free verse

15/2017: Done

Don't take my words as gospel, it is a truth that is written on tops of my calluses, from where I held on too tight, and the backs of the scars, where I had to cut the ties. Don't take my words as fallacy, as they are the truths I hide, neither ready to see… Continue reading 15/2017: Done

Free verse

6/2017: Keepsake

Between these pages, I find glimpses of you, stories I didn't know to ask you to tell. Answers to questions, I struggled with but feared that you had never confronted. And love that scream out from the pages of a book that was a silent presence through my life. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy      


Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem

If writing is a skill, I fear I have lost it. The words don't dance in my head anymore, Instead, they remain silenced by the walls I build to keep them safe How was I to know that in protecting my heart, my joys I locked them so far away that I can't reach them.… Continue reading Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem

Free verse

Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be

On rocky purchases, with bended knees, try to ride the falling Earth. Catch my breath, only to be thrown again, soundless strikes of thunder before me. Past this storm, lies promises of paradise found. Peaceful moments of life unbound, centred in the waves of time. The path I walked crumbling behind me, the place I… Continue reading Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be