Day 129: Mothers

When I see the tears upon her face, I know she worries how I will win the rat race. I wish she knew how she lights up the dark, she is the flame which sparks my heart. A mentor, teacher, friend, and foe, these hats she wears to teach me where to go. I tell… Continue reading Day 129: Mothers

Free verse, Poem

Day 89: Choices

***TRIGGER WARNING*** These words I choose tell you what I believe #Istandwithsurvivors while I hide the real me How do I say, I chose not to say I took the easy way and hid... But it wasn't easy To lie to the one face who knew it all Tell myself I had been there willingly Even… Continue reading Day 89: Choices

Free verse, Poem

Day 55: Remember

I see you in every line in her face, In the way she laughs Her innocent manipulations. Joyful expressions, Sullen tantrums, Tearful apologies, She captivates, With her smile, Making us all players, In her drama. When she moves her pencil, Breathing life, Into still white pages, Her essence glows bright, That I cannot look away.… Continue reading Day 55: Remember

Free verse, Poem

Day 54: Choices

I refuse to become less than I am to be with you. I chose not to fall. I am a contradiction, A puzzle that wasn’t meant to be solved. Jagged pieces that don’t quite fit, Empty spaces and razor edges, Scars and scabs where fates did not align. You were not put on this Earth to… Continue reading Day 54: Choices

Free verse

Day 9: Sisters

I am blessed For I have many sisters. Sisters of the blood, Herstory linked to mine Through generations of love and sacrifice. Her name surrendered to family lines, A ghostly presence which weaves the family story. Sisters of the soul, Who chose to connect their story to mine Trusting I will remember, That life existed before… Continue reading Day 9: Sisters