Free verse

Day 316: Remember Them

To those who took up arms and those who fought with words to keep the peace and right the wrongs. Your strength and scarifice in a world gripped by fear reminds us to be better and speak kinder. So mothers will not have to give up children and children would never have to hold a… Continue reading Day 316: Remember Them

Free verse

Day 220: War Tales

If this is what, I fought for, then why do I sit here, silent and searching? This is not the reality I envisioned, the dream I was promised, when I held you in my lap, watching the blood flow, mixing with the saltwater tides. How could I have known that it was my life, my… Continue reading Day 220: War Tales

Free verse

Day 131: Perfect

Brown eyes capture my gaze, And I lean in slightly, Drawn to the face that house these bottomless orbs. A small, wide nose flares in exertion, While full lips gasp for air, I pull you closer, Watching the moments pass through these eyes. Your mother’s care, your father’s worry, A lover’s gaze, fleeting touches, memories… Continue reading Day 131: Perfect

Free verse, Poem

Day 64: Riots

You want to be strong in the face of it all, But you know you won’t be Standing tall and proud, head held regally… Instead, you cower and cry for them to stop All you see is weakness, as you watch Your blood and tears mingle in a liquid dance, As you bury your face… Continue reading Day 64: Riots

Free verse

Day 11: Rewriting History

Toes digging into the sandy beach, I feel the jagged edges of broken coral scratch and poke my feet. These feet which have travelled oceans to reach the safety of continents, where the place of your birth determines your status... your place… who you will be. These feet that the sat on the boat, pressed… Continue reading Day 11: Rewriting History