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Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU

"Unseen Darkness" is one of my favourite pieces and most powerful collaborations. It provided me with an opportunity to work with the talented at artist, Thiviyaa Sehasothy of Art by Thiviyaa, and Dilani Bala, Photographer extraordinaire. But as in the true nature of collabs, this piece extended past the three of us, and has a story of… Continue reading Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU


Day 341: Working With Survivors

My tongue fights the formation of these words, as if I could draw them back, inhale the context of which they survive. Instead, I spit them out, these words I hate. The ones I want to crawl back into my mouth, into my body. "You don't have to report it, until you are ready…” Ready… Continue reading Day 341: Working With Survivors

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Day 89: Choices

***TRIGGER WARNING*** These words I choose tell you what I believe #Istandwithsurvivors while I hide the real me How do I say, I chose not to say I took the easy way and hid... But it wasn't easy To lie to the one face who knew it all Tell myself I had been there willingly Even… Continue reading Day 89: Choices

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Day 49: The Lies We Tell

**Trigger Warning: Abuse (Physical)** Deep Brown eyes stare back at me, Fleeting whispers floating between us, Shadows creep silently, Across broad brown shoulders, The darkness melding within the chocolate hues, Lengthening to point accusingly, At the faded bruise That still held faint outlines of his hand. “Are you okay? Should I call someone?” I hear… Continue reading Day 49: The Lies We Tell