Day 306: Life of an Entrepreneur

Race against time,
keep my goals in mind.
Moving forward,
no stopping till
I am done.

Feet to the pavement,
hands outreaching,
catching ever lead.

Out of breath
out of time.


the ideas
the hopes
the only way left.

Can’t go back
restart the engine
and catch
the next ride,
the wave

Only way
to keep floating
is to ride.
Casting the net,
even when all you see
is the water rushing
through the holes.

Adrift in the ocean,
you paddled yourself to
Sitting on the board
wondering if you are lost,
searching for land.

Knowing you are close,
because you can feel
the ripples from
the boats slowly
coming closer.

So you float
and you cast
and you wait.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy



Day 284:Typical

“You are not typical…” he said


I guess not.
I am the kind to
wonder from the well lit road
look past the place,
where the stars shine,
curious about the darkness


Maybe, as I always
tumbledown canyons
crawl through plateaus
climb mountains
reaching the top
jagged bruised and bloody.


I think I am.
I keep falling
chasing the shadows.
I guess I am just not
your typical expectation
of me.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 222: King Sisyphus

I think I understand how King Sisyphus felt,
every time he almost conquered that damn rock.
It just rolled back down to where he had first knelt
and prayed this was the last time he took this walk.

Struggling to the end, only to see it all come undone.
Clawing back your need for a fruitless grab,
starting to question if you were the smartest one,
this woeful punishment, that was Zeus’ lasting jab.

Dear King Sisyphus, a deceitful path you created,
a karmic route that rock did follow,
but  what I want to know is where I courted,
a dance with this unforgiving shadow.

If you did not mind these words that I spoke,
and if the task is not too herculean,
can the universe stop playing this joke,
where moving on is simply Sisyphean.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 217: Falling

Why fear the fall?
When each step
builds you wings.

Grabbing each rung,
developing the strength
in your arms
and gave you
the power to
lift yourself up.

What’s in a drop?
When you are sure
that your legs
will absorb the impact.

Your feet slipping
impressions that
you left on
your journey.

Why fear the fall?
When falling is
only perspective.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 196: First Steps

The first step is hardest because
you are breaking the mould in
which you cast your feet.

The first step creates waves,
as you step on the island,
breaking the static frequencies
of the past.

The first is where you stumble,
because you forgot what it
was to run.

The first step is the beginning
and the end of
all that held you back.

(c) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy 

Day 180: Chasing Dreams

My first step was broken,
a stumble, a misstep,
suddenly falling down,
I stared at ground,
finding comfort in the warm earth.
Tucked in a blanket of grass,
I found comfort,
letting the trees of knowledge
take root.

My next step was messy,
the half starts and tangled roots.
Shaking of the earth that had
protected me.
Keeping tight hold on gems,
found in the darkest recesses
of my heart and mind,
crystalized reflections
of time and experience.

Each step that followed
pulled my foot from the dark
clay that held on.
All moment staggering
but every step loosening
the fears that buried me,
until they became dust
on my boots.

As my steps became lighter,
I began to move,
run so fast and so far,
that my dreams had to catch
up to me.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy