Half coconut with a yellow flower in it. The coconut and background is black and white and the flower is the only thing in colour.

Meditation – Secrets

Have I not been listening to you speak? Ignoring the path you laid open? Stubbornly clinging to my physical senses. Deflecting what I felt didn’t fit, a world I saw through five senses. How do apologize for the dam I built, stopping the river that connected us. Admit the pain I felt was because I… Continue reading Meditation – Secrets

Empty street in black and white. Narrow alley with brick walls on both sides
Free verse, Poem


Busy minds hide lonely hearts. Busy minds silence unspoken needs. Busy minds keep anxious minds busy.   © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: How is everyone doing in this time of Covid quarantine? I am trying to enjoy the stillness and moments of quiet - which is very very different for me.   

Free verse, Poem

Day 58: My Story

Fear digs its claws in, as my scream burrows deeper. The wings of the beast, rake my heart Burning me from the inside out Tears fall softly, Salting the inside of my mouth Acidic Sour Depriving As the voice rushes out, the air escapes Stealing the story, sealing the pain An exhale of breath… a… Continue reading Day 58: My Story