Free verse

24/2017: Return to Me

Why can't I believe the words you say I feel like you will only allow me to believe the lies the world tells, so that you will be set free from the guilt of having me wait, even when there is no other for you but me and no place where I exist, that you… Continue reading 24/2017: Return to Me

Free verse, Poem

Day 108: Dance

Share this dance with me, Let our feet take turns To lead and follow, Until two individual bodies Become a choreographed movement. Allow me to lay my feet on yours To share my burden While you carry my tired heart You long steps making small The trepidations in me. Lay our hands in each other,… Continue reading Day 108: Dance

Free verse, Poem

Day 100: Bliss

Trust me he said His eyes loving Gentle touches That pulled me Into a blissful Obvilion Arms that caged me Making me a Willing prisoner As he shattered my World Soft satin sheets Imprinted with moments From playful Sweat glistened bodies Together © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy