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The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem

Since it is national poetry month in Canada, I wanted to share some of my favourite poems and the reasons they mean so much to me. "Beauty" is special to me for three reasons. 1- The act of writing The first is for the simple act of writing the poem. It's the first poem I've… Continue reading The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem

Free verse

Day 336: Shattered

The flawlessness of the crystalline glass, makes it the most fragile creation, delicate and smooth, Unforgiving when broken. I wonder how Cinderella floated above the expectations or did she just walk on shattered pieces, Quietly bleeding until the shards were embedded and she no longer knew love without the pain of perfection. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 147: Rumi Said (Dark)

Rumi told me the light would enter through my wounds but today they just hurt.  They throb where you drew the knife along my back, as if you were trying to etch your secrets. So that the others you followed behind would still see your marks, and read your story.  I would be your novel,… Continue reading Day 147: Rumi Said (Dark)