Announcement: My City My Six

I am very honoured and pleased to announce that one of my stories was chosen as part of the City of Toronto’s My City My Six contest.

The contest asked for stories that described Toronto in 6 words or less. It was run as part of Canada’s 150 anniversary and organized by the City of Toronto.

I am still in a bit of a shock to be included as one of the 150 stories chosen from 4,000 entries. The stories will be shared at various public locations throughout the city.  from a diverse pool, to represent the city that…

It fulfills a dream of mine that I was able to capture in words the heart of the city that…

I love
was my refugee
and is my home.

So if you are in and around Toronto, make sure to check out the launch event on September 27, 2017:

Reception: September 27, 5 – 7 p.m.
City Hall Rotunda, 100 Queen St. W.

The exhibit will be on at City Hall from Sept 25 – 28, before going to different parts of the city. Exhibit details can be found here.

Thank you to the City of Toronto and the Jury for this opportunity to share my view of Toronto.



15/2017: Done

Don’t take my words as gospel,
it is a truth that is written
on tops of my calluses,
from where I held on too tight,
and the backs of the scars,
where I had to cut the ties.

Don’t take my words as fallacy,
as they are the truths I hide,
neither ready to see
the light of day,
or content to remain
in the shadows of night.

Don’t take my words,
as each one is precious,
earned through years
of mistakes, missed intentions,
and misconceptions.
They are my lessons,
told through these stories.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


Image from Pixabay – Artist: Voltamax

6/2017: Keepsake

Between these pages,
I find glimpses of you,
stories I didn’t know
to ask you to tell.
Answers to questions,
I struggled with but
feared that you had
never confronted.
And love that
scream out from the
pages of a book
that was a silent
presence through
my life.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


Image from Pixabay: Dariusz Sankowski




Day 345: Stories

My favourite stories of my dad,
are the ones where he pouts and acts sad.

They are the ones, where he throw a tantrum,
totally forgetting he is a man of wisdom.

The ones where he behaves and is a great leader,
Let the world tell those stories of glamour.

They can have the orator and the great man,
I will keep my very flawed, but loveable, human.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: It’s getting close to my birthday and also the day my dad passed, so I think the memories are nearer to the surface. My dad was a writer, a teacher, principal, a leader, a community builder and so on. He was loved and respected by many of his students and always (kept impressing me) remembered them and their stories. When I think of him, it is always when he was merely my dad and my friend – those are the stories that I will pass on. The other ones, about the things he did and stuff he created, I will let the world tell those.

Day 72: Time and Poetry

What stories can I tell today
Ones that speak to no one
Or common tales of love and loss
That lies in the blood of every soul.

Shall I speak of days past
Memories tickling the subconscious
Smiles of bittersweet joy
Eyes lost in the distance.

Do I write of the future
Of what is to be
Lives sought and found
the ever growing dream.

Can I linger in the present
Captivate you with my here and now
Stories of the world told
As it unfolds.

In this moment,
What stories do I tell you?
ones created
Those only lived
Or shall I mix them both
And serve you a feast
Of imagination and reality?

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 58: My Story

Fear digs its claws in, as my scream burrows deeper.
The wings of the beast, rake my heart
Burning me from the inside out
Tears fall softly,
Salting the inside of my mouth


As the voice rushes out, the air escapes
Stealing the story, sealing the pain
An exhale of breath… a suspended gasp…

Inhale… grasp at the words

Exhale… lose more of your tale

Inhale… take in the despair that surrounds

Exhale… watch your soul fracture

Chest expanding, wings growing,
A cocoon in the drapery of dark,
Of night,
Of all that is left

Fragments, residues and pieces of a whole life story


© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 9: Sisters

I am blessed
For I have many sisters.

Sisters of the blood,
Herstory linked to mine
Through generations of love and sacrifice.
Her name surrendered to family lines,
A ghostly presence which weaves the family story.

Sisters of the soul,
Who chose to connect their story to mine
Trusting I will remember,
That life existed before they became
Daughters, wives and mothers.

Sisters of the body,
Defined and bound by words
Of who we should be
And not who we are.

Sisters I have yet to meet,
Their voices and lives,
Reflected in the eyes,
Of my strong and wise sisters.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy