Couplets, Poem, Rhyming

Day 77: My Irish Sister

It has been over ten years, And we have conquered​ many fears. In a class of twenty fine and brilliant minds, Our crazy understood that we had found our kind. Through a life filled with stories so strange, That even HBO would request a plot change. We have been at each other's sides, A friendship… Continue reading Day 77: My Irish Sister

Free verse, Poem

Day 68: The Women

On this sacred day, I give thanks For the many women Who have made me strong And the many women Who continue to inspire me To be more than I can imagine. My mother who bore me, Nine months of pain, To birth a child, Who needed special care. She did not stumble, In her… Continue reading Day 68: The Women

Free verse, Poem

Day 55: Remember

I see you in every line in her face, In the way she laughs Her innocent manipulations. Joyful expressions, Sullen tantrums, Tearful apologies, She captivates, With her smile, Making us all players, In her drama. When she moves her pencil, Breathing life, Into still white pages, Her essence glows bright, That I cannot look away.… Continue reading Day 55: Remember