129/2017: The Blessings of the Sister

When you arrive on this earth with a best friend waiting,
you become fearless, not from the strength of your will
but from the power of her love, belief and trust,
that is the power of an elder sister,
the pathfinder and wave-maker,
the one who bore the pain first,
opening paths and facing the unknown,
there to pull me forward, when I held back,
and push me back, when I rushed blindly,
for the gift of a sister, lies not in the warmth of her hand
but in the strength of her heart, in which she keeps those she cherishes.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: For my sister on the occasions of her Birthday.


Day 130: My Sister (Manimolie)

She is a warrior, ready to defend.
A regal queen, but quick to befriend,
those with pure hearts and worth,
who share their inner beauty.

She is fierce and loyal,
protective of her circle,
ask her for a boon,
and she will gift you the moon.

All that she has, she will give willingly,
helping you face your fears, unflinchingly.
The gift of a sister, I was given
I truly received love’s fortune.

Blessed in this life,
to have her by my side,
through all of the chaos, and tears,
a champion to abate my fears.

So my dear sister,
you have always been my answer,
when asked who keeps you strong,
because, together we belong.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Happy Birthday to my best and first friend, my sister, Manimolie. She has always had my back and protected me. I would not be able to do all the wonderful things in my life if not for the faith she has in me and her belief in me. She also makes sure I am grounded, never full of myself and calls me out (as needed) – telling me when I am wrong. Thank you for being an amazing sister. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!