Free verse

Day 322: Mystic Women

They pull at your coat a way to drag you down and back, place you safely in your box. If only they could remove the garment of power you wear. But what they don't understand is you do not wear power, you are the strength of the universe made flesh. They cannot rip it from… Continue reading Day 322: Mystic Women

Free verse

Day 233: Why am I afraid to Own my Face?

Why am I afraid to own my face To own the scars To see the full image Instead of presenting glimpses Of eyes Lips Ears Hands As if the absence of The whole Will make the sums Greater As if a part of me Is all of me. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poem

Day 67: Scars

Some scars Are hidden behind layers of fear Because you know You should be over it by now And yet the wound keeps bleeding Toxic in its waste Spewing venomous sounds That build to words of doubt Cripple the tongue As it tries to deny That this pain is not real And this pain is… Continue reading Day 67: Scars