Free verse

Day 304: Maze

Keeper of my secrets, you are my darkest one. You possess my heart, unknowingly twisting it. This mangled creation, no longer sure how to love. Freely giving every part, but the one you reside in. That secret I will keep, deep within the maze of you and I. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 173: Promises

Meet me where the river meets the oak At the foot of the hills, I will wait. Hidden between the moonlight and the shadows, Waiting for responsibilities to sleep And your time is mine once again. These stolen nights are all we have been given. Let the wind pick up your steps, muffling their intent… Continue reading Day 173: Promises

Free verse

Day 121: Hiding From the Storm

Dance with me as the storm crashes outside, May your arms be my safe harbour and mine your refuge. Silence the noise of the outside world with your kiss, Let the only sound I hear, be the shuddering of our breaths. Teach me to forget the chaos outside, To shut out the judgements and stares… Continue reading Day 121: Hiding From the Storm

Poem, Rhyming

Day 87: Confessions

Whispered secrets swim in bottles of Beer Waiting to be consumed and lay open fear Falling into an amber haze The memories of tonight will be a daze In this way maybe I can confess My hidden love without transgress So in the morning, you can forget And my heart would no longer regret. ©… Continue reading Day 87: Confessions