Event Announcement: Nuit Blanche 2018

Nuit Blanche is a big deal in Toronto. It is perhaps the most significant art show our city has. But what makes it so unique, is that it’s free! Every exhibit and every show are accessible to the public, including young people like me, who didn't necessarily grow up surrounded by art as a form… Continue reading Event Announcement: Nuit Blanche 2018


Announcement: Something Different by Scarborough Arts

I am very proud to share some exciting news.  This year three of my poems have been chosen to appear in Scarborough Arts Juried Exhibition and book - The Big Art Book: Something Different. Scarborough Art's theme for the Big Book this year really spoke to me; "Something Different" is about celebrating what makes each… Continue reading Announcement: Something Different by Scarborough Arts


Day 311: Every First Friday

Poetic words that lead to matters of the heart. They are silent healers of broken souls. They are the peddlers of past and future. Storytellers, creating worlds from poetic embers. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Dedicated to the members of the Scarborough Poetry Club, a super supportive group. We meet the first Friday of ever month.… Continue reading Day 311: Every First Friday

Free verse

Day 290: Pho in Scarborough 

That savory beef broth teases the taste buds softly scenting the air welcoming weary travelers. Hearts cold from the touch of autumn chill caressing our skin. With friends seated around a big bowl of noodles to slurp and enjoy. Warm the soul from within  while your friends laughter warms you from outside. (C) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy