Free verse

Day 237: Ocean

The beauty of ocean does not lie in the calmness of the sea. It is in the storms that brew above, creating waves and the current below moving to the beat of its heart. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Inspired by one of my favourite Rumi quote.     

Free verse

Day 153: Rumi Said (Light)

Oh sweetie if the light is entering my body, then let the light burn the pages, until the golden letters are all that are left. Remind me that I am a dwarf sun set free, blazing so bright, that you would have to shield your eyes, to not lose yourself in the wonder of all… Continue reading Day 153: Rumi Said (Light)

Free verse

Day 147: Rumi Said (Dark)

Rumi told me the light would enter through my wounds but today they just hurt.  They throb where you drew the knife along my back, as if you were trying to etch your secrets. So that the others you followed behind would still see your marks, and read your story.  I would be your novel,… Continue reading Day 147: Rumi Said (Dark)