Free verse

Day 219: The Secret: Careless Intention

If I could take them back, those careless words I said, saying you would break my heart. Telling you, you wouldn't do. Did I set the intent, for the universe to follow? With all these words, I wish I had swallowed. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 210: All My Poems

All my love poems are you, words thrown on the page, like, paint on canvas. Maddening expressions of scattered pigments, falling with no reason, no boundaries, Colours dripping from the edges, spilling on the floor in their brilliance. Untamed and wild. Until I am not sure if you exist in the words on the page… Continue reading Day 210: All My Poems

Free verse

Day 207: Undone

Stop me from falling for you, because love cannot win every battle, and undo the steps I have walked. Faith has been my constant companion, a soundless promise whispered in the wind, while names vanished across desert sands. I have trusted in the stars, in lightening strikes and karmic connects travelling across lifetimes. Rebirths and… Continue reading Day 207: Undone

Free verse

Day 199: A Note to My Past Relationships

To the relationships I have ruined, It wasn't you but me. I, who was too afraid to trust the genuineness of your gaze And instead looked at it As the mirror of my insecurities. It was I who turned away and Ripped the strings that were Forming between us To the relationships that ruined me… Continue reading Day 199: A Note to My Past Relationships


Day 198: #teamawesome

When you mix charisma, will, and wisdom, You end up with a very fierce threesome. Getting lost in Toronto, following our own tempo. Moving to the beat of #teamawesome! © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: A fun little limerick for a group of my friends and our joke about having our own theme song. Hope they enjoy… Continue reading Day 198: #teamawesome