Day 256: Too Simple

Hold me into the night, make this crazy day seem right. Convince me with your kisses that you are all of my wishes. Let the moon illuminate, this human dance of fate. Nestle me by your heart, with the promise we will never part. For these words seem too simple, and this love, too mortal.… Continue reading Day 256: Too Simple


Day 254: Moonlight and You

Let the only sounds, in the night be your lips on mine, and breath in my ear. Tell the trees, I don’t need the teasing music of their leaves, your heartbeat is the one song, I need to hear. The only light I need to see is the moonlight reflected in your eyes. © Manivillie… Continue reading Day 254: Moonlight and You

Free verse

Day​ 253: Pretense

I want to pretend that the stars are our only companions. The light of the moon reflects the light in my heart when I look at you. Hold me in this dance, our bodies together, one movement, no one to lead or follow, our steps in perfect sync. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 249: Missing Appa (Dad)

I will always search for you in the fine silken threads of white Vaetti and shirt, in grey hairs and dark skin and eyes laughing behind glasses. This is unchanging and true. You are there in glasses that magnify the love and respect within, The belief that humanity is inherently good. I seek you in… Continue reading Day 249: Missing Appa (Dad)

Free verse

Day 248: The Undefinable (Sandra)

When silence held my tongue, you undid the stitches that woven across my lips. As I tried to crack open, windows in trapped rooms, I had built around myself, you reminded me that I was already outside. I imagine you like the wind, catching us up in your current, but you quickly become the sun,… Continue reading Day 248: The Undefinable (Sandra)

Free verse

Day 241: Falling in Love

I need to stop falling in love with you, with unspoken promises cast in glances and smiles filled with longing. I need to stop waiting for you to move, convincing you that we belong, just because I am sure how right we will be. I need to stop making myself less, to make you feel… Continue reading Day 241: Falling in Love