Day 365: Unbreakable Ties

We are together in every moment,
by my side, you may not stay,
the heart does not see any distance,
nor any debts to repay.

Bound not rules of obligation,
but strands formed from love and memories,
and then further fortified by passion,
a rope built with shared stories.

Pull the cord as far as it will go,
keeping the faith that love is limitless,
stretch this connection as you grow,
seeking and finding your greatness.

Know I will always be in your corner,
no matter what turns you take,
even when our thoughts seem to differ,
I will stand by you, and not be fake.

For when you think you have the end,
it is always right beside you,
a broken piece, so easy to mend,
until the web once again new.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: My friend, Sandra, gave me this topic as a challenge. I hope I did it justice.


Day 355: When He Asks me if I Would Leave…

“I don’t know the future,”
I gently tell him,
his face cradled
between the hands,
he had just warmed
from his touch.

“But the me,
that exist in this
here and now,
cannot envision
a life where you
are not holding me
at night.”

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: My Romantic side…. 

352: Endings Revisited

I know you are toxic for me,
but I pretend that I am immune,
to all the ways your energy draws
the peace of my mind.

I lie to myself that
closing the door is enough
and I don’t need to lock it
because you won’t push
it wide open just to
hear the sound of it bang.

This time, I need to confront,
who I am and who I want to be
realizing that the only pieces
missing to complete the puzzle
of me are one worn out of shape,
by being too long in your possession.

So I am taking back,
all the bits I left behind,
each time I said, “later.”
instead of goodbye.
Because there is no reason
for this ending to remain

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Day 284:Typical

“You are not typical…” he said


I guess not.
I am the kind to
wonder from the well lit road
look past the place,
where the stars shine,
curious about the darkness


Maybe, as I always
tumbledown canyons
crawl through plateaus
climb mountains
reaching the top
jagged bruised and bloody.


I think I am.
I keep falling
chasing the shadows.
I guess I am just not
your typical expectation
of me.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy