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Day 334: Cries in The Night

*Trigger Warning  - Rape; Assault; Gender-Based Violence, Violence Against Women* Shadows fall on the brick wall, as the clouds race past the moon, in its glowing silver light She stands. Her tears run red and ragged, as they mix with the blood from her soul, in her tattered and dirty clothes, She walks. Her shoes… Continue reading Day 334: Cries in The Night

Free verse, Poem

Day 89: Choices

***TRIGGER WARNING*** These words I choose tell you what I believe #Istandwithsurvivors while I hide the real me How do I say, I chose not to say I took the easy way and hid... But it wasn't easy To lie to the one face who knew it all Tell myself I had been there willingly Even… Continue reading Day 89: Choices

Free verse, Poem

Day 28: Pages

**Trigger Warning: Sexual assault/ Rape** These blank pages Stare accusingly back at me To put down a truth That I cannot speak of. Recollections Retrospections Searching inwardly To find an external answer. Why did I do that? Why did I wear that? Recriminations Voices speak All asking Why did I go there? Why wasn't I… Continue reading Day 28: Pages