Day 320: Hey, White Person

I refuse to let the politics of fear, begin to divide the love between us. So much has happened this past year, I get the sway of a blank canvas. Sometimes the choices may seem unclear, but really what's left of justice? Is your view from my shoes, sincere? Or is it easy to pretend… Continue reading Day 320: Hey, White Person


Day 289: Why Brown Lives Should Care

Let's forget the fact that these lives lost were people, with dreams and families. Imagining future stories to be created and recollecting tales from the past. Let's pretend that these people didn't just step outside to see, and to feel the air of freedom on their onyx skin. Understanding the gift that freedom is, and the ability to share their wonder with others. Let's argue… Continue reading Day 289: Why Brown Lives Should Care

Free verse

Day 252: Unseen Darkness

TRIGGER WARNING: abuse When you tried to paint my body in colours of blue and purple, my dark skin hid your sins from eyes trained in the glow of soft white light. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poem

Day 76: Can of Worms

I wonder if it began like this The reason we flew "Harmless" words and names Thrown with purposeful intent. A belief in humanity Our compassion to overcome Divisive acts of terror Cloaked in political showmanship. Theatrical smoke and mirrors Smoky hazes to hide empty performances Of morality and concern Gilded tongues of spoilt men Mute… Continue reading Day 76: Can of Worms

Free verse, Poem

Day 50: I Am…

I am Canadian, When I travel the world, Successful representations of what can be. An ambassador of acceptance, The embodiment of the immigrant dream. I am Sri Lankan, When I talk about my past, The pearl upon which Adam first stepped. An exotic mix of tradition and modernity. I am Tamil, When I blast A.R.… Continue reading Day 50: I Am…