Random Thoughts #3

I cannot believe it's Day 301 - I keep wondering how I got here. There are only 56 more poems to write for 2016. Making it to Day 100 was a big deal for me, then all of a sudden it was 200 and then 300 - now, I have no doubt in my mind… Continue reading Random Thoughts #3


Day 281: Brother Mine (Manivannan)

When fear held my hand, you wrestled your demons, to pull me away. In times I saw only darkness, you reminded me that black was made of all colours. The days I missed my father shoulders, you lent me your back. I never feared the path before me, as I could see the outline of… Continue reading Day 281: Brother Mine (Manivannan)

Free verse

Day 275: Remembering You

It has been ten years, since you broke my heart. It's enough penance, don't you think? Why did I let you make me believe, that you were it for me? I can finally forgive myself for falling in love with you. So, as hard as it is. I am going to stop. I need to… Continue reading Day 275: Remembering You