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Haiku: My Introduction to Poetry

The first poem I ever wrote was a Haiku. It was an assignment for my grade 5 English class, and before that, I had never even embraced the thought of poetry. I will admit, the thing that got me hooked on writing it, was both my fear of failing - my dad would kill me,… Continue reading Haiku: My Introduction to Poetry

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How Ripples Became a Community – Part 1: Casting the Stone

*The story is much longer than I had expected and will be split into multiple parts.   It would be easy to say that this story starts and ends with Sandra. Even though she was the one who threw the stone into the lake - the ripples went further and wider than I imagined, and they… Continue reading How Ripples Became a Community – Part 1: Casting the Stone

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Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU

"Unseen Darkness" is one of my favourite pieces and most powerful collaborations. It provided me with an opportunity to work with the talented at artist, Thiviyaa Sehasothy of Art by Thiviyaa, and Dilani Bala, Photographer extraordinaire. But as in the true nature of collabs, this piece extended past the three of us, and has a story of… Continue reading Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU