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I fell in love with you, not in the moments where we held each other, but in the absences I filled with longing. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Falling in love has been one of life's greatest mysteries for me. I don't know if I have the ability, faith, or strength to surrender control, live in the unknowing.… Continue reading Waiting


Announcement: Something Different by Scarborough Arts

I am very proud to share some exciting news.  This year three of my poems have been chosen to appear in Scarborough Arts Juried Exhibition and book - The Big Art Book: Something Different. Scarborough Art's theme for the Big Book this year really spoke to me; "Something Different" is about celebrating what makes each… Continue reading Announcement: Something Different by Scarborough Arts


5/2017: She’s the Reason He and I are Friends

When your reason for being, is found in her joy, all the worries to which I cling, seem nothing but a cheap ploy. If all you want for her, is a life of endless dreams, then you have your answer, I will hold you in the highest esteem. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 354: The Reasons Why We Are No Longer Friends 

**AN: Apologies for the repost - For some reason WordPress moved this post from yesterday, December 19, 2016, to published on December 3, 2016** You willfully linger in the empty dark doubting both, the beauty of the night and fearful of embracing the light. So, you tightly wrap that shawl of possession tighter, holdings on… Continue reading Day 354: The Reasons Why We Are No Longer Friends 

Free verse

Day 353: Serendipity

My home is a luminous pearl in the Indian Ocean I am told. An iridescent drop of Buddha's tears, haunting and beautiful. This home I collect, through historical memory. People, places, and spices, teasing the edges of my senses, like the ebbs and flows of waves on the beaches of Colombo - or is it… Continue reading Day 353: Serendipity

Free verse

352: Endings Revisited

I know you are toxic for me, but I pretend that I am immune, to all the ways your energy draws the peace of my mind. I lie to myself that closing the door is enough and I don't need to lock it because you won't push it wide open just to hear the sound… Continue reading 352: Endings Revisited

Free verse

Day 350: Curly Hair

The texture of my life is not bound by the straightness of my hair. Though you try to tell me, that my dreams can only be achieved by the light reflecting off the glow of my porcelain skin, available today for the easy purchase of my identity. If the wishes I have can come true… Continue reading Day 350: Curly Hair