47/2017: When the Mind Stalls but the Heart Wonders…

A choice to be made, options no longer delayed, for as resistance fades, the heart shall embrace, the path in which you reside. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Poem, Tanka

42/2017: Seventeen

This heart did not know, what it meant to smile and cry lost only in grief, but seventeen years ago, one innocent face did heal. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: And so my talented and lovable niece turns 17... Time flies 🙂 💖 💝

Free verse

38/2017: Titles

I can never think of titles maybe because my words are too used to running untamed without definition and ownership. Or maybe I hate titles, because they ask me to think about what I am trying to say, instead of what you tell me I am speaking about? But then again, maybe I only hate… Continue reading 38/2017: Titles

Free verse, Poem

36/2017: Worlds of Words

There are so many beautiful words in the world, but you only give me the ones that show your ugly fear. There are so many powerful words in the world, but you only speak the ones that show your weakness. There are so many kind words in the world, but you only allow the ones… Continue reading 36/2017: Worlds of Words

Free verse

34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

I constantly live in a state of "it's better than..." It's better than nothing It's better than death It's better than there It's better than... here I don't want to live comparing myself to those who are seen to be failing. I want to fly higher than the expectations I gave myself when I dreamed… Continue reading 34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

Free verse

32/2017: Love Letters to My Heart

Hello dear heart, I hope you keep growing, remembering you are infinite in size not limited by other's perception of your physical boundaries. So, dear heart, I know it hurts right now, and all you want to do is shrivel up and turn hard, so that your softness won't cause you to bleed anymore. But… Continue reading 32/2017: Love Letters to My Heart

Free verse, Poems with Author's Note

30/2017: Break

I can see them try to break you, this other, a thing that exists outside the comfort of what they think they know too scared to see you and their face reflected in your eyes. To look those powerful eyes, that allow no lies, and ask them to stare at the hate that they made… Continue reading 30/2017: Break