Free verse

Day 322: Mystic Women

They pull at your coat a way to drag you down and back, place you safely in your box. If only they could remove the garment of power you wear. But what they don't understand is you do not wear power, you are the strength of the universe made flesh. They cannot rip it from… Continue reading Day 322: Mystic Women


News: Open Mic & Shab-e She’r

The first time, I spoke too fast. The second, I didn't make eye contact. The third time, well... I should be a regular by then right?!? - So it should be easier. After the encouragement of two people I respect, Amy and Manik, I attended by very first Shab-e She'r Poetry Night in September.  … Continue reading News: Open Mic & Shab-e She’r


Day 309: Tell Her I Miss Her

Where is that girl with the brown gaze that sees into souls? The one with the fearless demeanor, that takes no prisoners and claims all hearts to be hers. When did those tired eyes stop seeing, all the wonder, the hope, the possibilities? How did she start believing, what the world told her, the stars… Continue reading Day 309: Tell Her I Miss Her