Couplets, Poems with Author's Note

Day 366: The End

A journey started with trepidation, the weight of so much expectation. How could I have said yes to this year, was I drunk?! It's a bit unclear! Three hundred and sixty-six days to complete, a challenge that is a bit too bittersweet. For finding my voice and words once more, means accepting I had thrown… Continue reading Day 366: The End

Free verse

Day 354: The Reasons Why We Are No Longer Friends 

**AN: Apologies for the repost - For some reason WordPress moved this post from yesterday, December 19, 2016, to published on December 3, 2016** You willfully linger in the empty dark doubting both, the beauty of the night and fearful of embracing the light. So, you tightly wrap that shawl of possession tighter, holdings on… Continue reading Day 354: The Reasons Why We Are No Longer Friends 

Free verse

Day 346: Snow White’s Question

"I am searching?" I said to the mirror "For what?" my reflection asked. So I held up the photo of us, the one we took before before stories of who we were supposed to be took over the narratives we wanted to create. "I am sorry," my reflection said, "For what?" I asked the mirror.… Continue reading Day 346: Snow White’s Question

Free verse

Day 336: Shattered

The flawlessness of the crystalline glass, makes it the most fragile creation, delicate and smooth, Unforgiving when broken. I wonder how Cinderella floated above the expectations or did she just walk on shattered pieces, Quietly bleeding until the shards were embedded and she no longer knew love without the pain of perfection. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


Day 289: Why Brown Lives Should Care

Let's forget the fact that these lives lost were people, with dreams and families. Imagining future stories to be created and recollecting tales from the past. Let's pretend that these people didn't just step outside to see, and to feel the air of freedom on their onyx skin. Understanding the gift that freedom is, and the ability to share their wonder with others. Let's argue… Continue reading Day 289: Why Brown Lives Should Care