Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem

If writing is a skill, I fear I have lost it. The words don't dance in my head anymore, Instead, they remain silenced by the walls I build to keep them safe How was I to know that in protecting my heart, my joys I locked them so far away that I can't reach them.… Continue reading Day 344: Words – an unintentional poem


Day 319: I Dream of Flames

If I could be anything, I would be fire, stirring the heart, so it would never tire. Buring brightly and hot, a temptation for all, but alas, only the strongest would not fall. Within my flames, all the colours would reside, passionately devouring the lies that we hide. Flames mesmerize with reflections of truth and… Continue reading Day 319: I Dream of Flames

Free verse

Day 152: Break

You dare when you have a straight path, but roads can change and lines become blurred. A untended way becomes a trap, and clarity is lost. Let me remain hidden in this jungle, of broken dreams and unfulfilled promises. Until I can carve a new way, with a machete forged in belief and love. ©… Continue reading Day 152: Break

Free verse, Poem

Day 63: Diamonds

Weight bears down, An unbearable pressure, Of breathless flights. Trapped within my mind, Shifting mazes, tilting floors, Chasing Cronos through closing doors. Withering hand struggle To hold loving connections, Mosaic memories refracted in light. Sacrifice and passion Collide in transition Transformation found in sparks. Brilliant diamonds of fiery will, Icy polish of bright minds, Radiant… Continue reading Day 63: Diamonds