Event: Individuality in Identity

Really excited to share this news with you all! I will be presenting my poems and speaking at a literary event on Friday February 24, 2017  at the Creeds Coffee Bar. The event, "Finding Individuality in Identity: Explorations of Literature," organized by Sri Lankans Without Borders seeks to explore the how we create, understand and speak… Continue reading Event: Individuality in Identity


Random Thoughts: T-10 Days

So today is Day 356, 10 days until the challenge is over. I have had people ask me if I am going continue into 2017, and I have enjoyed this experience far too much not to 🙂 However, I am making some changes to the blog, which I am very excited about as it will… Continue reading Random Thoughts: T-10 Days


News – My Trending Stories

Excited to share some great news. I will be one of the contributors for my trending stories, a new media web page. I just posted my first article on the site, one of my favourite poems from the challenge. You can follow me here I will be sharing some of my poems, and articles on this… Continue reading News – My Trending Stories


100 WordPress Followers

Thank you I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has been supporting this blog, and through it, my poetry challenge. I started this web page/blog as an accountability log, and never expected to have any followers. I was excited the first time someone followed the blog, and have been humbled, with… Continue reading 100 WordPress Followers