Free verse

41/2017: Musings in the Snow

Never curse the winter, for the snow-covered paths, give you a chance to walk slowly, marking each milestone and reminding you how far you have come. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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Day 308: Spider’s Kiss

Do you hear the rain see the rain it falling like teardrops? I cry out in pain, I know it's Mother Earth's sorrow I feel. I look around searching for answers But none have I found. What makes us as humans destroy? When we were given the precious gift of life? How can we have peace, when… Continue reading Day 308: Spider’s Kiss

Free verse

Day 276: Jungle Dance

Trees weave about me, as if they hear a song whispered in the wind. Notes played, words spoken, rhythm shared among the rustling leaves. The river vibrates, with the sound of soft steps echoing in the ripples of waves, a measured base to the cadence of the night. I gaze up at mountains, craved by… Continue reading Day 276: Jungle Dance


Day 235: Rainbows

Gift from the heavens strokes of colour in grey skies refractions of light replace worries with wonder awaken the child within. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Lucky to have seen a rainbow today while driving home. Felt very blessed that I decided to try a new style, Tanka. Rainbows always make me feel special as if… Continue reading Day 235: Rainbows

Free verse

Day 211: Summer Winds

I spend hours trying to catch it but it just teases me. Playing with my dress, and making my hair escape the braids I tame it into. It knocks me over, challenging me to fight to cross it. But whenever it leaves me, I always feel its warm touch. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 190: Strong Women in Summer Storms

Strong women love, like a summer storm. With passionate abandon, drenching you with all she is. Making your heart race, as you feel the tempo of her dance, as brilliant as lightning, and deep as thunder. She moves quickly, and appears suddenly, a storm without warning, but giving life to parched souls. When strong women… Continue reading Day 190: Strong Women in Summer Storms