Free verse, Poem

Day 98: Pain

Only in this pain, Can I still feel you. Your arms around mine Bittersweet hugs that comfort Feather light​ kisses Of spoken promises The warmth of your body Surrounding mine An eternity. Only in this pain Are you still alive. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 12: Memories

The door to your room stay shut, I walk by each day, my hand itching to open it. To burst in and scream "Appa-I'm home." Yell at you for staying awake until I come, Late and careless with time, Forgetting that your eyes will not shut, When your girls are not in your house. Then… Continue reading Day 12: Memories

Free verse, Poem

Day 6: Timeless

If I could see you once again, I would leave 10,000 kisses on your cheeks, So even as the wetness of my lips vanish, You would feel the feathery touch of my love. If I could hold you hands once more, I would let them hold my face gently, Taking the burden of doubts and… Continue reading Day 6: Timeless