25/ 2017: Missing Pieces

It is in my greatest joys, that I miss your presence Those moments of chaotic noise When I can sense your laughter's absence. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Whenever I get great news or am happy, I have a moment - just a moment, where my heart twinges and I miss the people who made me… Continue reading 25/ 2017: Missing Pieces


Day 345: Stories

My favourite stories of my dad, are the ones where he pouts and acts sad. They are the ones, where he throw a tantrum, totally forgetting he is a man of wisdom. The ones where he behaves and is a great leader, Let the world tell those stories of glamour. They can have the orator… Continue reading Day 345: Stories

Free verse, Poem

Day 338: Multiplicative

They say it takes you 7 times as long as you knew someone to completely forget them. I still know you in memories and moments, though you are not beside me. So 700 years after I pass, I shall finally forget all about you. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


Day 298: Lost Brothers (Manimaran)

You would have been fifty this year, Blowing out candles on a giant cake, Surrounded by all near and dear Instead, this year's gift is heartache. Empty party halls and wishes, imagining age on your face is it lined with deep creases but still full of grace? Would time have cooled that temper, or would… Continue reading Day 298: Lost Brothers (Manimaran)

Free verse

Day 279: For a Moment

For a moment in time, an angel walked on Earth. For a moment in time, we were embraced in your love. For a moment in time, my world was protected. For a moment in time, you were my brother. For a moment in time, I had a savior. For a moment in time, you made… Continue reading Day 279: For a Moment

Free verse

Day 249: Missing Appa (Dad)

I will always search for you in the fine silken threads of white Vaetti and shirt, in grey hairs and dark skin and eyes laughing behind glasses. This is unchanging and true. You are there in glasses that magnify the love and respect within, The belief that humanity is inherently good. I seek you in… Continue reading Day 249: Missing Appa (Dad)