62/2017: Journey

In wondering minds, pathways wind, seeking silence from words left behind. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poem

Day 272: Organized Chaos

  In chaos , I find the silence, the place in which I hear my soul connecting to the hum of the universe, until there is only the stillness of the cosmic heart. In order, I lose the spot upon which I began, chasing the golden spiral seeking forfeited knowledge in fossilized chambers. In chaos,… Continue reading Day 272: Organized Chaos

Free verse, Poem

Day 61: Still

In the stillness I found you, The girl I thought I lost. Past the white noise Of dictated lives, Stagnant placeholders. The vision blinded by walls of Who, what, when and how Questions with fixed answers. Stop uttering meaningless answers, With recycled words and promises, Fearful of the silence. Look for the fragrance of life,… Continue reading Day 61: Still