Day 307: Stumble

Why do I stumble over my words, in this mad desire to be heard. Staggering, fast and without pause, nervous that you will notice the flaws. Reason and emotion stand on opposite ends, pretending that they don't have the same intent. If I can survive this night, my heart intact, then maybe I will, finally,… Continue reading Day 307: Stumble

Free verse

Day 152: Break

You dare when you have a straight path, but roads can change and lines become blurred. A untended way becomes a trap, and clarity is lost. Let me remain hidden in this jungle, of broken dreams and unfulfilled promises. Until I can carve a new way, with a machete forged in belief and love. ©… Continue reading Day 152: Break

Free verse, Poem

Day 58: My Story

Fear digs its claws in, as my scream burrows deeper. The wings of the beast, rake my heart Burning me from the inside out Tears fall softly, Salting the inside of my mouth Acidic Sour Depriving As the voice rushes out, the air escapes Stealing the story, sealing the pain An exhale of breath… a… Continue reading Day 58: My Story

Free verse, Poem

Day 21: Lost

Where do I go? When the words in my heart dry out. The reservoir of knowledge, Slowly disappearing to doubts. In these letters, I see my fate Words running together without break, Without stop. Falling endlessly into Cycles of missed connections, Lost meanings and vapid lyrics. Sound overriding emotion, Until words are Meaningless... A thing… Continue reading Day 21: Lost