Free verse, Poems with Author's Note

30/2017: Break

I can see them try to break you, this other, a thing that exists outside the comfort of what they think they know too scared to see you and their face reflected in your eyes. To look those powerful eyes, that allow no lies, and ask them to stare at the hate that they made… Continue reading 30/2017: Break


25/ 2017: Missing Pieces

It is in my greatest joys, that I miss your presence Those moments of chaotic noise When I can sense your laughter's absence. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Whenever I get great news or am happy, I have a moment - just a moment, where my heart twinges and I miss the people who made me… Continue reading 25/ 2017: Missing Pieces

Free verse

14/2017: I Wonder About Her

I think about her, sometimes, that girl whose feet never left the sandy shores, where the breeze is scented with spices and jasmine. Maybe she would have been content, to lie under the palm trees, writing stories in a language, I can barely speak? Or would she have become a doctor? Fulfill the expectations of… Continue reading 14/2017: I Wonder About Her


9/2017: Waiting for Snowfall

Hands in my jacket, standing in the cold outdoors look up to the skies to ask the snow to bless us but it refuses to fall. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN:  There is supposed to be a snow storm in Toronto today, and I am watching nervously from my window, imagining the terror of driving tomorrow.… Continue reading 9/2017: Waiting for Snowfall


3/2017: Back to the Grind

Get up, move forward, just another day, can't stop to think, it will just get in the way. Keep up with the Joneses, you know what they say, "if you want happiness", you just have to pay. Hold on to your dreams, hold your fears at bay, telling yourself, life's a game we all play.… Continue reading 3/2017: Back to the Grind