Day 303: Light

Let the light inside out, It will guide your route. Show you the path you lost, remind you life is not the cost. That love cannot be weighted, and time cannot be swayed. Feelings are left to be captured, in moments that are empowered. For the light that shines today will never lead you astray.… Continue reading Day 303: Light

Free verse, Poem

Day 99 (2): Mendhi 

Curves and swirls across the palms Connecting lines creating stories Hidden letters for midnight frolics The dark colour a testimonial To the love we share The fragrant scent Of shared embraces A festive beginning to our future (c) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: 100 posts. Thank you all for your ongoing and wonderful support. I can't believe… Continue reading Day 99 (2): Mendhi¬†