Free verse

Day 353: Serendipity

My home is a luminous pearl in the Indian Ocean I am told. An iridescent drop of Buddha's tears, haunting and beautiful. This home I collect, through historical memory. People, places, and spices, teasing the edges of my senses, like the ebbs and flows of waves on the beaches of Colombo - or is it… Continue reading Day 353: Serendipity

Free verse

Day 184: Canada

With open heart you welcomed us, travellers looking for a home a place to call our own, to replant roots, torn up by war, corruption and fear. We stood  ravaged at  the borders, unsure of our place in this new land. Crossing over with our histories? Or adopting a new past? Who we were became… Continue reading Day 184: Canada

Free verse, Poem

Day 36: Me… To Date

I left my native land as a child, The civil war drove us out And kept us out, My father longed for home, While I found a home, In my adopted country. To this day, My father never understood, “How can you call a place like this home?” He would say, “The racism, the crime!”… Continue reading Day 36: Me… To Date