Event: Individuality in Identity

Really excited to share this news with you all! I will be presenting my poems and speaking at a literary event on Friday February 24, 2017  at the Creeds Coffee Bar. The event, "Finding Individuality in Identity: Explorations of Literature," organized by Sri Lankans Without Borders seeks to explore the how we create, understand and speak… Continue reading Event: Individuality in Identity

Free verse

34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

I constantly live in a state of "it's better than..." It's better than nothing It's better than death It's better than there It's better than... here I don't want to live comparing myself to those who are seen to be failing. I want to fly higher than the expectations I gave myself when I dreamed… Continue reading 34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

Free verse

Day 350: Curly Hair

The texture of my life is not bound by the straightness of my hair. Though you try to tell me, that my dreams can only be achieved by the light reflecting off the glow of my porcelain skin, available today for the easy purchase of my identity. If the wishes I have can come true… Continue reading Day 350: Curly Hair


Day 310: Snow

How many generations until my brown skin turns white as snow? My black hair golden, shining in the summer's sun, my brown eyes the shade of the Kokanee glacial waters reflecting the sky my Canadian born accent, the same as my Canadian neighbor my words English and not Tamlish How many generations before I am… Continue reading Day 310: Snow

Free verse, Poem

Day 50: I Am…

I am Canadian, When I travel the world, Successful representations of what can be. An ambassador of acceptance, The embodiment of the immigrant dream. I am Sri Lankan, When I talk about my past, The pearl upon which Adam first stepped. An exotic mix of tradition and modernity. I am Tamil, When I blast A.R.… Continue reading Day 50: I Am…