Free verse

24/2017: Return to Me

Why can't I believe the words you say I feel like you will only allow me to believe the lies the world tells, so that you will be set free from the guilt of having me wait, even when there is no other for you but me and no place where I exist, that you… Continue reading 24/2017: Return to Me

Ode, Poem

Day 105: Ode to Friendship

My dear friend, When did I last see you, A year, a month, a week, a day, a moment ago, Or are you still by my side. When was the last time I told you, You make laugh, think, fight and sometimes cry. But when you put your hands around me, Or when you call… Continue reading Day 105: Ode to Friendship

Free verse, Poem

Day 95: To Remind You

Believe in yourself, And all can be accomplished. Cherish your soul And you can be free. Remember your past, And learn a lesson. Forget your future , And see today's beauty. Hold the rain, And let it wash away the pain. Grab the sun, And feel it shine brightly inside you. Heed these words, And… Continue reading Day 95: To Remind You

Free verse, Poem

Day 71: The Edge

Standing on the edge There are only two choices Hang by the edge Forever remaining On the precipice Between longing and fear Muscles atrophying Until all you do is fall Or Release the edge Let go of the fears Inhibitions ripped out As the body falls Old doubts buried By wings of will​ Until all… Continue reading Day 71: The Edge