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Day 308: Spider’s Kiss

Do you hear the rain see the rain it falling like teardrops? I cry out in pain, I know it's Mother Earth's sorrow I feel. I look around searching for answers But none have I found. What makes us as humans destroy? When we were given the precious gift of life? How can we have peace, when… Continue reading Day 308: Spider’s Kiss

Free verse

Day 263: The Wild Card (Jennifer)

Sassy and unexpected, she challenges all your notions, understanding that blindness comes with asking no questions. Gifted and caring, sharing lessons from the heart, reminds you that love is every part of who we are. Playful and firm, she's both knight and dragon, when playing the damsel, she will karate chop in a gown. a… Continue reading Day 263: The Wild Card (Jennifer)

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Day 67: Scars

Some scars Are hidden behind layers of fear Because you know You should be over it by now And yet the wound keeps bleeding Toxic in its waste Spewing venomous sounds That build to words of doubt Cripple the tongue As it tries to deny That this pain is not real And this pain is… Continue reading Day 67: Scars