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Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU

"Unseen Darkness" is one of my favourite pieces and most powerful collaborations. It provided me with an opportunity to work with the talented at artist, Thiviyaa Sehasothy of Art by Thiviyaa, and Dilani Bala, Photographer extraordinaire. But as in the true nature of collabs, this piece extended past the three of us, and has a story of… Continue reading Unseen Darkness, Collabs, and ANBU


Day 341: Working With Survivors

My tongue fights the formation of these words, as if I could draw them back, inhale the context of which they survive. Instead, I spit them out, these words I hate. The ones I want to crawl back into my mouth, into my body. "You don't have to report it, until you are ready…” Ready… Continue reading Day 341: Working With Survivors

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Day 334: Cries in The Night

*Trigger Warning  - Rape; Assault; Gender-Based Violence, Violence Against Women* Shadows fall on the brick wall, as the clouds race past the moon, in its glowing silver light She stands. Her tears run red and ragged, as they mix with the blood from her soul, in her tattered and dirty clothes, She walks. Her shoes… Continue reading Day 334: Cries in The Night