Poems with Author's Note, Rhyming

Day 365: Unbreakable Ties

We are together in every moment, by my side, you may not stay, the heart does not see any distance, nor any debts to repay. Bound not rules of obligation, but strands formed from love and memories, and then further fortified by passion, a rope built with shared stories. Pull the cord as far as… Continue reading Day 365: Unbreakable Ties

Free verse, Poem

Day 338: Multiplicative

They say it takes you 7 times as long as you knew someone to completely forget them. I still know you in memories and moments, though you are not beside me. So 700 years after I pass, I shall finally forget all about you. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse

Day 248: The Undefinable (Sandra)

When silence held my tongue, you undid the stitches that woven across my lips. As I tried to crack open, windows in trapped rooms, I had built around myself, you reminded me that I was already outside. I imagine you like the wind, catching us up in your current, but you quickly become the sun,… Continue reading Day 248: The Undefinable (Sandra)


Day 198: #teamawesome

When you mix charisma, will, and wisdom, You end up with a very fierce threesome. Getting lost in Toronto, following our own tempo. Moving to the beat of #teamawesome! © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: A fun little limerick for a group of my friends and our joke about having our own theme song. Hope they enjoy… Continue reading Day 198: #teamawesome

Free verse

Day 192: Crêpes Saturdays

Shall we meet for a minute, talk about life and love, the crazy little bits that only we understand. The lightness of each bite, an echo of our hearts, and the joy in seeing the other, Let the sweetness of our words, blend with the bitterness of the chocolate, lusciously melting from the fork. By… Continue reading Day 192: Crêpes Saturdays


Day 161: Friendship in Rhyme (Wendy)

She loves prose in rhyme, my best partner in crime. A world traveller, an intellectual wanderer, she challenges every notion questioning your blind devotion. An unexpected friendship did arise, in gilded halls meant to make us wise. Thirteen years later, still going strong, even though we can both be a bit, headstrong. Through the perils… Continue reading Day 161: Friendship in Rhyme (Wendy)

Ode, Poem

Day 105: Ode to Friendship

My dear friend, When did I last see you, A year, a month, a week, a day, a moment ago, Or are you still by my side. When was the last time I told you, You make laugh, think, fight and sometimes cry. But when you put your hands around me, Or when you call… Continue reading Day 105: Ode to Friendship

Limerick, Poem

Day 52: Night With The Squad

Open bottles and Karaoke bars, Showing our mantle as rock stars, Singing for the right to gloat While trying to hit that high C note, Missing the pained looks from afar. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy