Free verse, Poem

Day 272: Organized Chaos

  In chaos , I find the silence, the place in which I hear my soul connecting to the hum of the universe, until there is only the stillness of the cosmic heart. In order, I lose the spot upon which I began, chasing the golden spiral seeking forfeited knowledge in fossilized chambers. In chaos,… Continue reading Day 272: Organized Chaos

Free verse

Day 263: The Wild Card (Jennifer)

Sassy and unexpected, she challenges all your notions, understanding that blindness comes with asking no questions. Gifted and caring, sharing lessons from the heart, reminds you that love is every part of who we are. Playful and firm, she's both knight and dragon, when playing the damsel, she will karate chop in a gown. a… Continue reading Day 263: The Wild Card (Jennifer)

Free verse

Day 260: Shattered Reflections

TW: Abuse Shattered glass lay at my feet, each piece reflecting a moment, a story of my first walk, when you held me up, my first word, uncle, said into the phone a fleeting smile. So many pieces, so much history but I cannot make them fit anymore. Pieces broke so small that shards are… Continue reading Day 260: Shattered Reflections


Day 254: Moonlight and You

Let the only sounds, in the night be your lips on mine, and breath in my ear. Tell the trees, I don’t need the teasing music of their leaves, your heartbeat is the one song, I need to hear. The only light I need to see is the moonlight reflected in your eyes. © Manivillie… Continue reading Day 254: Moonlight and You

Free verse

Day​ 253: Pretense

I want to pretend that the stars are our only companions. The light of the moon reflects the light in my heart when I look at you. Hold me in this dance, our bodies together, one movement, no one to lead or follow, our steps in perfect sync. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy