Free verse

56/2017: Lessons from my Mother (2): Friendship

She taught me to seek, the ones who would hold my past in their heart, and wrap it with laughter, while promising me, with their eyes, that they would remember me in the future, even if I was not there to greet​ it with them. They in turn shared with me the pieces of her… Continue reading 56/2017: Lessons from my Mother (2): Friendship

Free verse

34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

I constantly live in a state of "it's better than..." It's better than nothing It's better than death It's better than there It's better than... here I don't want to live comparing myself to those who are seen to be failing. I want to fly higher than the expectations I gave myself when I dreamed… Continue reading 34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

Free verse

32/2017: Love Letters to My Heart

Hello dear heart, I hope you keep growing, remembering you are infinite in size not limited by other's perception of your physical boundaries. So, dear heart, I know it hurts right now, and all you want to do is shrivel up and turn hard, so that your softness won't cause you to bleed anymore. But… Continue reading 32/2017: Love Letters to My Heart

Free verse, Rhyming

21/2017: Placeholder

He sits beside me, gently laying kisses on the back of my hand, whispers loving words, his lips to my ear longing so clear in his eyes but to me, he is just occupying space keeping this heart from hurting in your absence and this body from going cold.. waiting, until you are ready to… Continue reading 21/2017: Placeholder

Free verse

15/2017: Done

Don't take my words as gospel, it is a truth that is written on tops of my calluses, from where I held on too tight, and the backs of the scars, where I had to cut the ties. Don't take my words as fallacy, as they are the truths I hide, neither ready to see… Continue reading 15/2017: Done

Free verse

14/2017: I Wonder About Her

I think about her, sometimes, that girl whose feet never left the sandy shores, where the breeze is scented with spices and jasmine. Maybe she would have been content, to lie under the palm trees, writing stories in a language, I can barely speak? Or would she have become a doctor? Fulfill the expectations of… Continue reading 14/2017: I Wonder About Her