Free verse

Day 217: Falling

Why fear the fall? When each step builds you wings. Grabbing each rung, developing the strength in your arms and gave you the power to lift yourself up. What's in a drop? When you are sure that your legs will absorb the impact. Your feet slipping impressions that you left on your journey. Why fear… Continue reading Day 217: Falling

Free verse

Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be

On rocky purchases, with bended knees, try to ride the falling Earth. Catch my breath, only to be thrown again, soundless strikes of thunder before me. Past this storm, lies promises of paradise found. Peaceful moments of life unbound, centred in the waves of time. The path I walked crumbling behind me, the place I… Continue reading Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be

Couplets, Rhyming

Day 201: Finding Your Way

When you are left wondering what your life's lot is, do you surrender to the force of nature that you fought? Is there a grand master plan, to explain your path or merely a great illusion created to control your wrath? If reality stems from some divine being glorious dream, do I need to stop… Continue reading Day 201: Finding Your Way