Free verse

Day 128: Cloak

I promise to wear your worries like a jewel encrusted cloak. Each tear as precious as diamonds, fears hidden in deep sapphires and rages as vivid as rubies. I will carry the weight of all your sorrows, as they lay fitted on these shoulders baked in the warmth of your joys and made granite strong.… Continue reading Day 128: Cloak


Day 124: Time

The hands on the clock keep ticking, asking me what I was thinking? Did I believe that hours would wait, For me to stop all the self-hate. I stayed stuck in my bubble, Unwilling to face others' chortle. Putting my heart on someone else's sleeve, Seemed the easiest way to be deceived. Within these glass… Continue reading Day 124: Time

Free verse, Poem

Day 67: Scars

Some scars Are hidden behind layers of fear Because you know You should be over it by now And yet the wound keeps bleeding Toxic in its waste Spewing venomous sounds That build to words of doubt Cripple the tongue As it tries to deny That this pain is not real And this pain is… Continue reading Day 67: Scars