Free verse, Poems with Author's Note

30/2017: Break

I can see them try to break you, this other, a thing that exists outside the comfort of what they think they know too scared to see you and their face reflected in your eyes. To look those powerful eyes, that allow no lies, and ask them to stare at the hate that they made… Continue reading 30/2017: Break

Free verse, Poem

Day 93: Fly (3)

I wish I could lock you in my heart, Protect you within these gilded walls, So that you feel no pain, no fear, no terror, All you would be surrounded by is the strength of my love, Titanium strong and unbreakable. But gilded walls are still cages, And one day, I will still have to… Continue reading Day 93: Fly (3)

Free verse, Poem

Day 76: Can of Worms

I wonder if it began like this The reason we flew "Harmless" words and names Thrown with purposeful intent. A belief in humanity Our compassion to overcome Divisive acts of terror Cloaked in political showmanship. Theatrical smoke and mirrors Smoky hazes to hide empty performances Of morality and concern Gilded tongues of spoilt men Mute… Continue reading Day 76: Can of Worms